IG-88 - Not a Nurse v4

Ruthless Bounty Hunter
Energy Conversion Lab

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Published April 17, 2024

This deck is all about kicking the door and blasting everyone and everything with one gun in each hand IG Style.

But the important thing being : IG is a strong menace, even if you don't get it out. You have to play with your adversary expectation here to kill his turn (if he keeps 4 ressources to kill him with the takedown just play your units, deploy... and if he / she is still passing just take the init. You'll have a lot of unit and that have hit the base and he'll have lost a turn waiting on you :)


You want to mulligan if your hand doesn't have

Prio 1 : one or two 1 drop, 1 Fallen Lightsaber or Motti

Prio 2 : 1x No good to me dead to shutdown a leader for two turn (or superlaser technician if you decide to add it to the list go the early way (see after)), Ozzel is a good option too to prepare next turns especially if you get the initiativ' (a good first turn).

Where is Steadfast Battallion?

Yeah I know : No steadfast battallion with ECL? What did that Kiwii Smoked.

Well, given that Ressource six you want to be done (sometimes 5), No Good to me Dead is plenty enough for that since it immobilize a leader for two turns :

  • Cheaper 4 vs 5 on steadfast Battalion
  • You don't use ECL Epic power which can be used somewhere else ^^
  • No Good to me dead doesn't rely on the hero being alive... Since IG Tends to be killed quickly, you may not have the luxury of playing steadfast at its 7/7 potential to oneshot the leader so... let's use no good to me dead can't miss or be canceled in anyway.

What to use ECL on?

Depends on your hand and the board / adversary.

Option A The true goal of that deck. You'll have five ressources, a motti and a fallen lightsaber in hand. The main point of motti is to be sacrificed with the ECL and allow IG to play twice after your adversary has taken initiative and after you have given it the fallen lightsaber (preferably, but even without that's 10 damage on the opponent base). If you play it well that's 16 damage on your opponent base in two action. Not that bad. If there is a sentinel, you can give up either motti or fallen saber and do Force Lighting to remove sentinel (if one only, so better to maximise with Motti and keep Fallen lightsaber for another unit and you'll do 2*5 dammage) or do a Precision Fire if you can only have one shot (if several sentinels, so better to maximise with Fallen Lightsaber and keep motti for another unit and do a 8 damgae kick). You could also wait for the next turn to have six ressources (Fallen lightsaber / Motti / Precision FIre or Force lightnings )

Option B You can, if you fit in three additionnal *superlaser technician, by turn 3 (Ressource 4, you could do it turn 2 but I advise against it since you would ruin your surprise effect and your opponent is less likely to take the init) ECL Superlaser Technician and trade (by priority 2hp unit > shield > any unit) to put it as a ressource. Which mean IG will arrive by turn 3 (ressource 4), that's the kicking up the door part. Any other Supertechnician can go to ressource once you used one, you won't need them they are are for probabilities.

Card's Role

You want to swarm obivously, try to have as much unit on the board and use unit as benthic as decoy. Either he brings fire on him, or he survives and boost IG afterward. Win Win situation.

The main trick is to keep IG alive so he can shoot at least twice ideally. Beware all the takedown and other shitty control cards, so play him once your adversary has took the initiative ideally.

Force Lighting / Precision Fire are here to just don't care about any sentinel or kill the restore ability on krennic and such. Overwhelming barrage has two goal : save IG from takedown with +2/+2 and clean the board obviously.

Fallen Lightsaber : for three you can boost IG to resist takedown (>5 pv) and become amazingly powerfull. Especially after your adversary has taken initiative and you have enough ressources to Ambush Motti with *ECL toward one of his unit : Double attack at 8,so 16 and IG can't be takedown at 7HP. Worst case you can buff the fifth brother too and enjoy the force user effect to split menace or if you can't deploy safely your IG.

Ozzel This is a test, the main idea here is to either use it as a decoy to bring fire on him or use him to use motti's ability without ECL if you used to for ramp on Superlaser Technician or simply bring more unit ready to the board.

Late Drops

For 7+ drop you have the choice

  • 97th legion (that I would replace with vader, if I had any). Can save a game if your oppenent is bringing you to the no return zone with a Precision Fire (minimum 9 damage, passing through the sentinel so usually more than enough).

  • Palpatine is a good alternative (but too late I think) since it is a barrage by himself and can overwhelm.

  • Vader would be I think the best choice since he can brings a sentinel to the party in addition to ambush and kill someone.


Sideboard is here to cover for control :

Maximum Firepower for sentinels/shields then High body units/shields.

Infiltrator skills for sentinel heavy matchups. You don't want your IG to be stopped that way.

OB : can help clearing the board while boostering IG.

Traitorous : Really effective to make the opponent lose unit while gaining one to attack him in one card.

Relentless for Blue and yellow event abusers and helps.

Been getting good result so far against aggro and mid (it goes toe to toe with the Leia/sabine I fought against at worst).

More weak agains blue especially that son of a deathstar krennic (the deck that won a polish tournament) but Sector Governor is here to play against that type of control cancer. You want to play it right before you get IG out after attacking with all your unit on turn 5 when the ennemy is waiting with his ressources to takedown IG. You bring her, cancel takdeown (or NGTMD for yellow) and just sit while they panick. They'll have to kill it but meanwhile you'll strike with IG.

Less Cards?

If you really want to get back to 50 cards after adding the optionnal superlaser technicians, i'ld remove two PArtisan Insurgent and one Cell Block Guard if really necessary. But 51 cards is not that bad ;)



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