Short Term Goals

These are the features I'm actively working on.

UX and Quality of Life Refinement
I'd like to take another pass at deck management (sorting, filtering, ease of access), the sets page (cleaner look, "full set" awareness), the form search page, and others.
Collection Management 2.0
First pass was okay. I'd like to take an aesthetic pass incorporating feedback, limit deckbuilding to cards in collection (toggleable), and display what cards in a viewed deck you're missing.
Deck Lineages / Relationships
I believe that decks represent a specific list of cards (as opposed to a take on a Leader/Base pairing). In light of that, I recently made Published Decks immutable. This has had impaces on discoverability, and I'd like to increase discoverability of versions of decks, as well as derivations and inspirations.
Patreon Integration
I'll be adding Patreon Integration, which won't do anything at first, but takes time and will be a foundation for future enhancements.
Singles Pricing
On the very short list. Link to stores, at a minimum. Card pricing, then deck pricing, then deck pricing with collection awareness.
Deck Bookmarks
Bookmark decks, for ones you want to keep track of but don't want to copy.
Format Awareness
Twin Suns. Limited decks should allow for more than 3 copies of a card, Twin Suns should allow only 1. Et cetera.
Singles Integration
How much does this card cost? How much does this deck cost? Given my collection, how much does this deck cost? Add deck to store cart (not my store, mind you).

Medium Term Goals

These are the features I'm definitely planning on doing, just not right this second. They're in the design stage.

Card Reviews
This card is awesome. This card is terrible. Your review of this card is wrong!
Full Localization
Global game deserves global support.
Helper Support Infrastructure
I don't want to enter every Shadows of the Galaxy spoiler myself. I certainly don't want to enter every hyperspace variant and every localized card. I'm doomed for Spark of Rebellion, but I'd like to build out some infrastructure so I can ask for help.

Long Term Goals

Look, I want to do these, okay? But the list is long. It's on the list, though.

What is a cube? How does it work?


February 21
Refactored Sets Page
Sets Page has been refactored. Hopefully it's a little more readable.
Added Full Set Pages
When linking to a set, you can now append /fullset to the /Sets URL and you'll be taken to a full display of all cards in the set, including promos and cards not available in packs. This is the visually appealing equivalent of using the < and <= operators on the set search query parameter.
Renamed GenCon 2023 Promos Set
The swudb-specific name of the subset of cards given out at events has been renamed from GenCon 2023 Promos to Spark of Rebellion Event Promos. The abbreviation remains GC23 to ensure links don't break.
February 19
Added Comprehensive Rule Support
Rules are now available at
Added Rules to A.C.K.B.A.R.
You can now invoke the rules with A.C.K.B.A.R.'s new /rules command.
February 15
A.C.K.B.A.R. Patreon Support
A.C.K.B.A.R. now shows proper deference to Patreon supporters.
February 12
Collection Management 1.0

It cannot be overstated: This is a first pass. I don't own non-promo cards yet. There are many more features coming for this.

  • While looking at any given variant, add non-foil and foil versions of that card to your collection.
  • Go to the Collections page to see your cards. (See that note about first pass? This is what I'm talking about. This page is so bare-bones I'm almost embarrassed. Cards won't show up here until you've added at least one variant to your collection. Once a variant is in your collection, you can add more foil and non-foil versions as you crack packs.
  • Collections now comes with bulk actions:
    • Add all basic cards of a given rarity from a given set to your collection with one click.
    • Delete your entire collection (whether in anger or as part of testing is left as an exercise for the reader).
    • Import a collection from CSV
    • Export your collection as a CSV
  • You can now use the is:mine and isnot:mine queries in searches to limit cards to your collection.
Small Changes
  • Renamed the Starter Rarity to Special.
  • Hot Decks now limited to 30 days.
February 11, 2024
Small Update
  • Fixed bug where users' edited deck description was not displayed. Please edit and save Private and Unlisted deck descriptions to see them. (Published deck descriptions are still editable and unaffected by bug or change.)
  • Starter Rarity changed to Special Rarity
January 16, 2024
Deck Listing Refinements
  • The Decks page now displays how many comments the decks have.
  • Lazy loading (e.g., infinite scrolling) added to decks page. Card search page probably coming soon.
  • The URL encoder likes non-English deck names more and explodes less.
January 14, 2024
Deck Comments
  • You can now comment on decks. Please be mindful of our Terms of Service.
  • You can edit comments for a few hours. Then you can't.
  • There is a new deck filter, Discussed, sorting decks by recent comments.
  • More features, like notifications for comments, etc., forthcoming.
  • Deck descriptions and comments can now include card preview images with #[SOR_200] syntax.
Small Improvements
  • "Public" decks now reverted to "Unlisted", and Publish button moved below export options. People continue to publish decks purely to make them visible to friends; UX refinements will continue until this stops.
  • Autofocus added to main query field.
  • Syntax and Form Search links added to search results page above search bar for ease of access.
  • I've added a FAQ. It is currently singular.

January 6, 2024
Refined Deck Images
They're now 1920x1080 and look prettier.
December 19, 2023
This page. It exists now.
Footer Aesthetics
The footer is bigger now. It will act differently.