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Published March 26, 2024

Hello there! Jay from Unplayable again with more trash.

Today I present to you Blue Thrawn Control. I got this idea from a local to me who goes by CoDameron, found here:

He says he got the idea from Hannonz where you can find it here:

So credit where credit is due! I played this at my locals and went 3-0 against a Blue Palpatine, Green Boba, and Green Sabine.

Idea of the deck, stall until you get to Super Laser Blast and then drop big ships to do some work. A couple core plays are: on resource turn 6 you stall out and drop Bib so you know he will survive, grab the initiative and drop super laser blast a turn early, then flip Thrawn on 7 after the SLB. I you havent gotten SLB yet, turn 7 is Outmaneuver and Search Your Feelings for a SLB.

Cunning out of aspect is strong because it allows you to deal with up to 3 units at once on turn 6. I Had No Choice exists for a similar reason because it deals with 2 units with no cap in one action.

Entrenched is insane in this deck, it permanently deals with a ground unit since you have so few ground units in this deck.

I Am Your Father is good in games where you feel like you have enough tempo to threaten defeating a leader or solid unit unless they let you draw 3, drawing three for only 3 resources when you're stalling out is particularly strong.

Vigilance in the sideboard comes in against control, this deck struggles a bit against control decks so the idea is just heal 5 mill 6 three times to try and mill them out of threat.

Avenger is a bomb card lol

Chimera is only coming in against other control decks just so you have a little more top end to compete, also can grab some powerful cards from your opponent.

I will probably have a deck tech come out soon with this deck and will post the link in the comments, thanks for checking out my deck!



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