Han's Value Cantina v26

Han Solo
Audacious Smuggler
Echo Base

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by DidierG

Published April 30, 2024

You’ve been to the casino, now join me in the value cantina with our favorite smuggler pilot. In this deck, Han Solo is all about playing ahead of your opponent while going for consistent value plays on board , without the insane brick and dead draws of Casino Han.

Hans biggest weakness is control and he’s at most risk on the 5-7 jump deploy turn . How to do this :

  1. On 5 resource , Han ability , bringing you to 6
  2. Deploy Han
  3. Attack with Han, bringing you to 7
  4. Play Uwing or Han unit .
  5. Profit !

Being that you need so many actions and everyone knows the classic Han 7 play, Resupply to outpace your opponent and Spark of Rebellion to kill key threats and play with knowledge are the most important . You may need to mix things up and wait 1 turn to Deploy Han on the 6/7 turn to play safer , since having Han one shot and you being stuck on 6 resource will lose you the game .

After you get to 7/8 resource, Home One comes in to stabilize you with healing and refill your board.

Spark of Rebellion is S+ in the control match up.

The rules of Han

  1. Never T1 Han power vs Blue Villain unless you do R2+3PO. R2+3PO is the best play v Blue Villain

  2. Always T1 3 drop v aggro. Always trade Falcon for early air trades v aggro. Play the long game .

  3. Spark T1 is good v control

  4. If you feel Han is one shot, play slower, don’t risk it .

  5. You can only Han power twice until after deploy turn without the R2+3PO draw engine, use them wisely.

  6. Usually call 3 with 3PO if you're doing it blind, but call 7/8 if you're about to Han On Attack to not risk losing a late bomb

  7. Wait as long as possible (early pass, attack with all your units) before deploying on 5 resource. You need to bait out them spending everything to make Han deploy safer.

  8. If a deck is passing on you with all resources up on the 5 resource turn they are baiting your Han deploy. Claim and go next. Your top end is so strong you can win late v 80% of the field. Next turn you can safely Han power into a 7 drop.

Han is tier 1, but he is also the most difficult to play, most risky, and hardest deck to build.

Happy Han’ing !



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