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Boba Fett
Collecting the Bounty
Jedha City

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Published January 15, 2024

Welcome to midrange! Boba Fett is here to take over the board early and utilize it's status on the board to exhaust enemy problems and keep the tempo high. Make sure to balance initiative for action 1 Cunning potentials. Typically default to +4 attack to go to a base and exhausting 2.

No Good to me Dead is a Game changer to lock out the enemy leader for 2 turns. From there, use combat tricks and aggressive play to sprint to victory. You are the aggressor most games but need to be willing to clean up the board a bit against Sabine and other hyper aggressive decks.

Against strategies looking to get to the end game, you have to push advantage of exhausting enemy units to swing into face. Jedha city is perfect to push through pesky sentinel units.

Boba readying 3 resources the turn it enters play is also huge to utilize both sides in the same turn. Sequencing appropriately each turn is the key to victories.



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