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Hera Syndulla
Spectre Two
Energy Conversion Lab

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Published January 05, 2024

This is my favorite Hera build to date!

The Spectres all work beautifully with Energy Conversion Lab to give you excellent immediate benefits on the ambush, and are great at attacking the board.

Bright Hope, Ackbar, and Home One as a finisher add more Uniques to pump with Hera's leader side, and Mon Mothma adds consistency to finding the rebels you need, including Echo Base Defender as a clutch sentinel.

By playing mono-Command, we the Command event as a massive roleplayer in the deck - taking our units out of lethal range, acting as removal, ramping to our Home One or Leader play, or recurring powerful cards like Bright Hope to help stabilize the game.

The other space units aren't stupendous right now - Alliance X-wing is included for its cost and Rebel status though Starviper might be a little more useful effect-wise. Let's hope the rest of the list pads it out a little more!

Ezra would also be a reasonable cut as the least consistently useful Spectre (Sabine at least punches above her weight as a T1 play), but hey, the theme is cool. Cutting him for another removal option like Strike True wouldn't be bad.

Play the game slow and steady - you are the control deck, so keep units off the board and try to gain value on attacks. You will be able to draw a lot of cards most games, so running the opponent out of steam is the key. Make sure to use Bright Hope and Command to recur your most powerful When Played effects as needed, like Ackbar and Home One, which is where a lot of your board advantage will come from.



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