Double Yellow Thrawn: How to beat Sabine

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Patient and Insightful
Administrator's Tower

Cunning AspectCunning AspectVillainy Aspect
Total: 50 Cards


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Published January 08, 2024

This Thrawn deck is featured in our "Can It Beat Sabine?" series of videos, with the cards revealed up until now (Early January 2024). It can really slow Sabine down while you build up your board enough to turn the game around. Against Sabine, Cunning is by far the most powerful card in the deck, but between good use of Thrawn's ability, and other cards like Greedo, Crafty Smuggler and Bodhi Rook, you'll give Sabine a run for her money!

Check out our "Can It Beat Sabine?" video featuring this double yellow Thrawn deck here:



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