One with the Force v3

Luke Skywalker
Faithful Friend
Energy Conversion Lab

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by limao

Published March 04, 2024

TL;DR: midrange.dec

Luke (the character) is one of the best units in the game (as of right now, with only Spark of Rebellion), if you can get him fast with Resupply or Alliance Dispatcher, use him to demolish some units, then slap his lightsaber on him to fully heal and do it all again.

Also, the play with 6 resources where you drop Obi-Wan and then flip your Leader is so much tempo that it basically wins you games.

Pair those high tempo plays with good healing and draw and you get yourself a really nice deck.

It can suffer against hyper aggro decks like Sabine but, if you can survive the early wave of damage and units, use the midgame to estabilize, heal and then transition into the late game where you'll cruise to victory.

Sideboard added. Walker and Vanquish for grindier matches. Viper for some more healing. Strike True against other tall midrange decks and Traitorous to take a Boba or some other small unit with upgrades or Experience tokens.



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