Top 8 Chewie Super Showdown- Poland 16.03

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by Sarna

Published March 17, 2024

Top 8 SuperShowdown - Poznañ 16.03 2024

Hey Guys - Wanted to share my deck from the first 90 + participants Super Showdown.

I went into it with the idea to play a midrange game that I can adjust freely. Aggro against Control and Control Vs Aggro.

Went 3-1-1 swiss . Top cut 2-1 single elimination.

Chewie on turn seven feels late for defense? How about a 1/4 sentinel boy that gets an electrostaff that puts him out of range of takedown?

Is he damaged ? How about we get him back with Bright one and draw some more - Look! He has sentinel again. He also somehow perfectly fills in your turn 4-5 plays and even jumps in from u-wing from time to time. What an MVP.

Fleet lieutenant lets you setup some attacks and defend (cause he also gets sentinel) at the same time which means initiative Is yours.

Against control : won againts 2 krennics and an Iden green - You play a beautiful wide spread Aggro with a heavy topend . Something like Leia but with multiple copies of Luke home one and U-wing you don't need to be scared of targeted removal. They also never get to setup a barrage due to our own blue set of - "nuh-uh".

If you know they are playing superlaser blast - don't overextend and bring it back with home one for an instant board presence.

Aggro : won against 2 Sabine's and tied boba.

Keep em in reigns . You have so many boys delaying the game that it becomes difficult not to get to turn 7 when you stabilise. A sideboard set of traitorous and strike true will keep the space and pesky experience counters in check.

Keep track of your life though - you need the 30 base - no ecl allowed. Too many times it saved my skin this tournament. You also don't really have good targets for it.

Only swiss loss was to Green Han - played his U-wing faster than me - twice.

In the top 8 after 11 hours of play - lost to Sabine due to really unlucky draws/wiffs and really good piloting of my opponent.

It's humbling to lose against the one deck you played to always win against. Amazing game though!

Hope you have as much fun as I did :)



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