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by DeaLerZ

Published June 28, 2024

Video on Youtube with Deck Tech & Analysis

On turn 1 you can play "Reckless Gunslinger" for free with Han's ability. It will immediately die, you can than play "Spark of Hope" which triggers and puts Gunslinger into play as a resource. The reason I chose this card instead of other cards is because of its ability to be smuggled later and the pinging for damage. It's 4 for 1 value if you pull this combo off on turn 1. I pulled this off in game 1 in the video, and was able to get Reinforcement Walker out on turn 4. If you pull this off you are than able to play Poe on turn 2 while cheating it in with Han's ability. Craziness.

This also of course makes it very easy to get to 8 resources by turn 4 if you have other ramp cards in your hand.

There are several others way to get to 8 resources using "Price on Your Head" on turn 1, and than killing a unit on turn 2, or a turn 2 resupply. Once you are at 5 resources on turn 3 you can play a "Spark of Hope" or "Price on Your Head" paired with Han if it dies or kills a unit. You can also do the Gunlsinger/Spark of Hope combo at anytime when needed. You can also use "Superlaser technician" for 4 resources at anytime to ramp. So many ways.

The point is you can ramp into 8 resources if that is what you are focused on. Of course you than are still cheating out Krayt Dragon a turn early with 8 resources.

You still have 12 other ramp cards besides Spark of Hope. (Price on Your Head, Resupply, Superlasertechnician, and "Marauder"). The Gunslinger/Spark combo is just one of several ways to get to 8 resources by turn 4, but definitely makes it easier.

Price on your head turn 1, followed by Resupply turn 2. On turn 3 at 5 resources because of resupply you can deploy Han Solo Leader and kill "Price on Your Head Unit" with Han Solo, and go to 6 resources.

If you anticipate that your opponent will kill Han than you can play "Spark of Hope" for Han or play another resupply.

Another thing you can do on this turn is play another "Price on Your Head" and cheat in a "Modded Cohort" for 3 resources and immediately kill that unit. Any of these options will get you to 7 resources. Turn 4 when you resource a card you will be at 8.

In the video, in game 1 I pull this combo off. I chose not to resupply on turn 3 because either way I was going to be able to play the Reinforcement Walker on turn 4 at 7 resources.

What's crazy about this deck is that Poe/Wrecker are so good that you can often rely on them to swing the momentum of the game or even close the game out while setting up the Krayt Dragon to close things out.

Practice on force table first to get a feel for it. Not every game is a ramp game. Once you get a feel for the deck you'll be like "Holy Krayt Dragon" 😂 Sometimes you just cheat your units out with Han's ability, play defense while working your way to the big boys. Krayt Dragon is a busted card.

Good luck!!

Please follow me on youtube post any questions about the deck in the comments section!!



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