The time for our attack has come

Han Solo
Audacious Smuggler
Echo Base

Command AspectCunning AspectHeroism Aspect
Total: 50 Cards


Deck Price: $116.68
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by Oddball

Published February 21, 2024

Use Han to cheat out U-Wing Reinforcements on turn 5, or Home One on turn 6 (By using Han's hero action, then an epic action to deploy him and swing for the extra resource)!

Frontline Shuttle also allows you to use leader Han twice in a turn.

Then cards like Rogue Squadron Skirmisher, or Home One help recycle smaller units. On later turns, use Prepared for Takeoff or Bright Hope to find/reuse additional pieces to try and stabilize and close out the game.

Torn on Echo base or Energy Conversion lab. With enough Ambush cards, you might need the health.



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