Jyn Erso
Resisting Oppression
Jedha City

Cunning AspectHeroism Aspect
Total: 50 Cards


Deck Price: $232.33
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Published April 17, 2024

CHANGE LOG: -2 Disarm, -3 Lando Calrissian, -3 General Dodonna

+2 Pirated Starfighter, +3 R2-D2, +3 Shoot First

SIDE DECK: 3x Chewbacca 2x Lando Calrissian 2x Disarm 3x Change of Heart

FOR TOO LONG HAS JYN BEEN SLEPT UPON! While Han and Leia players have sat on their Ivory throne, the true Rebel Queen has been lying in wait until THIS DECK was formed. Upon recieving a Jyn Erso Showcase I made it my mission to tinker with as many combinations as possible to show the true Power of Ms. Erso. Just like Jyn is capable of bringing down any enemy thrown in front of her this Midrange Deck has the ability to conquer any aggro or command decks thrown at it. Enough ways to stall an aggro deck early and even beat them to the punch with your rebel forces. Against Command it has the ability to be very aggressive early and uses cheap event cards to stall out any large units played late. Trust me it is time for Jyn stans to rise against the Tyrrany put upon us!



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