Vader Force Ramp- (Big Daddy) L8NG Loopee

Darth Vader
Dark Lord of the Sith
Energy Conversion Lab

Aggression AspectCommand AspectVillainy Aspect
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by Loopee

Published March 21, 2024

This is the Vader Force Ramp deck we have been optimizing at L8 Night gaming since the reveal of force lightning and watching friend of L8 NIght Vika almost take home a league trophy with it. We have a full deck tech video that will be posted shortly on it.

Deck Construction

The deck plays the biggest baddest leader Darth Vader. The goal is to get him out and finish off your opponent as soon as possible. To accomplish this, it plays both resupply and superlaser technician. Also, the incredible powerful Energy Conversion Lab allows you to give ambush at will.

Core cards that the deck leans on outside of ramp are Overwhelming Barrage, which is the best removal in Set 1. The Deck also plays the excellent legendary unit Darth Vader - Commanding the First Legion, which pairs with all the villiany cards to develop your board while ambushing a unit. Finally, as core cards you have the Imperial Interceptor and Ruthless Raider space combo. Excellent at dealing with pesky fire sprays.

Force Vader

The twist on this Vader, as opposed to the traditional Vader green list is the inclusion of the force trait. You play Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, as well as all the Vaders. Once you have a force unit down, you have access to the hugely powerful force throw, which takes a card from their hand and does damage with it.

You also have the ability to do damage with force lightning, which blanks a card's text. This is perhaps the best counter in the game to opposing superlaser technicians, particularly when combined with Vader's leader ping. You also can effectively counter K2-SO and 97th legion with Force Lightning.

Match Up Guide

Match up wise, I think this is one of the the strongest match up into the best deck in the game, Boba Green. You should be favored there, which very few decks can say. Against big control decks, this variant, with all the tech to deal with aggro, is probably a toss up or Vader still a slight favorite. Against aggro (which is usually Sabine), you are probably a 40/60 underdog.

This list is highly teched to give you chance against Sabine. Many previous Vader lists felt that match up unwinnable. This list gives you chance if you play well.

Mulligan wise: Against aggro I'm really looking for open fire, with force choke being the next best thing. I also want to hold a overwhelming barrage if possible. Against control decks, the best cards to see are the ramps.

The deck is built with the side board in mind. So you can adjust to the match ups. For example the Viper Probe Droids are great against Sabine but real bad into anything with superlaser technicians. Adjust accordingly.

Sideboard guide (Just how I do it):

Against Sabine: Take out Resupply, forced surrender, Vaders saber and a 7th Sister. Add in the last open fire, force choke, Forced Lightning and Imperial Interceptor.

Against Boba: Take out Probe Droids and Force Chokes. Add in the First Legion Snow Trooper, Seasoned Shoretrooper, Resupply and Imperial Interceptor. Add in Fang Fighters if Boba has traitorous to worry about.

Against Iden/Krennic/Palp Control: Take out Probe Droids and replace with troopers as in Boba. Cut 2 x force choke and 2x consortium starvipers. Add in Resupply, Forced Surrender, Open Fire and Force Lightning. Again, Fang Fighters if traitorous is in play.

Against Hero Blue (Chirrut/Luke): Swap two starvipers with fang fighters. Cut both force chokes, a seventh sister and Vader saber. Add forced surrender, force lightning, imperial interceptor and resupply.



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