1/24/24 - FA1TH's Vigilance Grand Inquisitor

Grand Inquisitor
Hunting the Jedi
Security Complex

Aggression AspectVigilance AspectVillainy Aspect
Total: 50 Cards


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Published January 23, 2024

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOWDe2srkLMSOON

FA1TH: This Grand Inquisitor deck is currently the closest thing we have so far to a functioning combo deck (inspired from Wooooo from L8 Night gaming). Grand Inquisitor tries to enable your units to get to have multiplte attacks in a turn. The shield from Security Complex can protect your damaged units from being destroyed to untap, or can be used afterwards on scout bike pursuer for a large output of damage. The blue also allows you access to removal like takedown, Count Dooku and power of the dark side. Fallen lightsaber is a powerful upgrade that when used correctly can lead to massive turns of damage. At its best, this deck has the potential to destory enemy bases with little to no worrying by having multiple swings with units in a single turn.



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