Philip Ritchie - Top 3 Pro-Play Kissimmee

Luke Skywalker
Faithful Friend
Echo Base

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by crd12

Published April 30, 2024

Big fan of this deck, wanted to call out some exerpts from Max Tapera's interview with Philip.

Main Deck

Luke's Lightsaber is broken, Philip rarely plays it on his hero.

Devotion: "Reason I put it at 3 was Sabine in particular. You can trade with Red-3's, you can trade with A-Wings. Restore 2 is insanely good in the match-up."

Yoda: Restore 2 extremely valuable. Can get 2 Exp from Obi-Wan. Not critical enough to be 3 up.

Admiral Ackbar: Like to see him in a U-Wing reinforcement. Not valuble enough for the curve.

Echo Base Defender: Best 3 drop Green for stats + sentinel.

Bright Hope:: Can't speak highly enough of this card. Play it against Firespray.

Resupply: Enables ramp. Mistake is to play it on turn 3, wait for turn 5. Allows you to sneak Luke out before they expect it.

Fleet Lt.: Can help close games out in U-Wing. Enables lower cost units to trade.

Wing Leader: Same kind of thing as Fleet Lt., just slower.

Kanan: Not easy to deal with esp. a heal. Also allows discards on your opponent.

Takedown: Would have taken it out all together. Against aggro it doesn't feel good. Would rather play and shield a unit and trade, playing the long game. In the future going against Command Vader/Iden he would sideboard 3 Vanquish.

Obi-Wan: 9/10 times you want to bring Obi-Wan out first depending on your board state. You really want the +2/+2 on Luke.

Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight: Incredible 6/7 with Restore 3. Can take out a full Firespray.

U-Wing Reinforcement: Would have played 3, couldn't get one before the tournament. Gets 3 units very often. Re-fuel the board after Superlaser Blast.

Redemption: Thinking about sideboarding another. Can bring you back in to games you shouldn't. Not valuable as more than a 1 of in the main deck.

Home One: Closes out games. Always go to 12 resources because of this card. Can bring back Luke, Redemption.


Sided to blow out aggro. Against Top 4 keep 2 Restock and 1 Home One. In the future will replace with Vigilance to go in against Blue Control the goal being to mill opponent out and go super late. You have to accept your weakness and cover yourself to give yourself a chance.



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