Tarkin Care of Business

Grand Moff Tarkin
Oversector Governor

Aggression AspectCommand AspectVillainy Aspect
Total: 50 Cards


Deck Price: $350.48
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Published March 10, 2024

This has been one of my favorite decks to play. People typically underestimate how aggro Tarkin can get and flipping out at 5 with 7 HP is nice. If you hit a Superlaser Tech and get him out a turn early then its even more free exp you're passing out.

Into aggro I like to slide in the traitorous and take out 7th Sister. Stealing a Wing Leadered A-Wing or a Millennium Falcon feels pretty good.

Into Iden or Luke and some of the more control match ups I like to slide in the Precision Fire and extra Trooper, taking out 7th Sister and Force Choke.

Against Boba and other midrange decks I keep the main deck how it is.



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