Iden UU Control

Iden Versio
Inferno Squad Commander
Dagobah Swamp

Vigilance AspectVillainy Aspect
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Published May 01, 2024

This is UU Iden Control. The idea is simple: Vigilance is super good at 6 resources, and likely broken at 4 resources. This list isn't a declaration of "I've broken it," it's simply an idea positing that in certain metas, something like this would be viable. Vigilance at 4 resources is back-breaking for aggro to deal with, making this a better choice than Vader Blue in an aggro-heavy meta. In a control-heavy meta, this deck lacks some top-end threats like unit Palp, but still efficiently executes the Vigilance/Restock mill plan. I think this deck is likely a bit weaker to Boba Green than Vader control is, and the sideboard doesn't assist much with this. Overwhelming Barrage out of aspect isn't a new idea, I view it as a pseudo-Palp against the midrange decks. Let me know if you have any ideas, I find this idea to be pretty interesting.



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