Ultra Budget Leia Combo

Leia Organa
Alliance General
Energy Conversion Lab

Command AspectHeroism Aspect
Total: 50 Cards


Deck Price: $23.10
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Published April 18, 2024

This Ultra Budget Leia Combo deck is a pile of commons and uncommons designed to win the game as quickly as possible. The only rare is optional and in the sideboard, making this deck relatively affordable and a great option for players looking to get into the game.


The general gameplan of the deck is to whittle down your opponent's base early and swarm as many units as possible for Leia Organa 's deployment turn, which is where you either want to land the combo of Attack Pattern Delta and Rebel Assault or to use the epic action of Energy Conversion Lab and Steadfast Battalion to do massive damage and set yourself up for the win. You typically want to maintain initiative as much as possible, so use Leia Organa's action to double attack while we are swarming.

The Combo

To explain the combo line in detail, on turn 5 you begin by deploying Leia Organa with 2 other REBEL units in play. You then play Attack Pattern Delta, buffing in a way that makes your units difficult to remove or to setup exact damage to any annoying sentinels. Finally, you play Rebel Assault on one REBEL and Leia Organa, using Leia Organa's attack ability to attack with your third unit. This deals a minimum of 12 damage in the one attack action, often finishing the game.

The Swarm

To achieve the setup we need to stick units on the board - which is why we are playing some 1/4 units. R2-D2 and C-3PO may appear to be odd inclusions in a rebel aggro deck, however they are excellent targets for experience counters and provide card advantage to drive us towards our combo.

We are supplementing our 1-drop unit slot with Alliance Dispatcher and two of the Vanguard Infantry in the main. These two cards, along with R2-D2, help us play 2 units early on which is critical for Attack Pattern Delta to have 3 targets on turn 5. Removal is plentiful and it is difficult for cards to stick in this early meta, so outpacing them is the only option, even if the card quality at 1 resource is a little lacking.

In our 2 drop units, alongside C-3PO we have some more standard green and rebel aggro pieces. Alliance X-Wing, Battlefield Marine, and Rebel Pathfinder join the party as good, resilient threats that can hit for 2-3 damage while having their own advantages such as space or saboteur. Mon Mothma is the odd one out in the list, having less immediate board impact but providing us card advantage and a resilient rebel stat-line.

At 3 resources we have additional forces: Consortium StarViper, Echo Base Defender, Fleet Lieutenant, and Wing Leader. All of these are known pieces to any green or rebel aggro deck - and they help make things bigger to swing in. Echo Base Defender can help disrupt any ongoing plans to remove units from our opponents as well as having a top rate stat-line.

At 4 we have the man himself, General Dodonna. He has been excellent in this strategy, providing nearly universal buffs to our board and helping them stay out just long enough to get buffed. Only Consortium StarViper, Steadfast Battalion and Vanguard Infantry are un-buffable, but they remain pieces that help the deck's consistency.

Finally at 5 resources we have the curve-topping Steadfast Battalion. This card is a staple in multiple green strategies due to its combo with Energy Conversion Lab. In Leia Organa specifically, it helps push a ton of damage on our deployment turn, which often results in an overwhelming advantage over our opponent.

Medal Ceremony

I guess the last card include to talk about is Medal Ceremony. This card helps provide some security for our units as we build the swarm, since we are able to cheat on attack actions with Leia Organa we are typically able to attack with two Rebels and use Medal Ceremony to make sure they stick around. Remember that even if you only use 1 experience counter it is worth it to keep a unit alive for the combo turn.


In the sideboard we have Colonel Yularen, Admiral Ackbar, and Homestead Militia. All of these cards help in an aggressive matchup and come in for cards that have a more aggressive tilt. Against control, bring in the one of Vanguard Infantry to have an additional unit that IS good to you dead. If you have 2 U-Wing Reinforcements, their place is likely here or in the main instead of the same number of Vanguard Infantry for additional resiliency.


So that's the deck. Some general tips - mulligan to try and have early plays AND either Steadfast Battalion OR Attack Pattern Delta to guarantee the combo. Only resource the combo cards if you have multiple of them available. Don't be afraid to resource early game cards in favor of maintaining the combo. The critical thing is to CURVE OUT and then to COMBO, and there are a lot more options you will draw for turn 2 plays than combo cards in the deck. Let me know if you have any tips/questions about the list in the comments!



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