YellowPalp 2nd place in the biggest event in Poland

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Published June 20, 2024

Hi guys. Today I want to present you my deck from the biggest event that took place in Poland last weekend. 7 round swiss with top8

Day 1 c.a. 95 people Did 5-2 and achieved 14th place in swiss. WIns: YellowBoba, ECLBoba, GreenLuke, GreenHan and bye. Losses: YellowBoba, VaderMill.

Day2 c.a. 80 people Did 5-2 and achieved 6th place in swiss. Wins: YellowLuke, MonoIden, GreenHan, GreenBoba, ECLKrennic. Losses: ECLKrennic, MonoIden. With 5-0 streak I was sure to get into top. Top8 2-1 vs MonoIden, Top4 2-1 YellowPalp, Final 0-2 ECLBoba.

I am pretty sure it is not final form of this deck and my after tournament thoughts are:

+3 Boba +3 Seventh Fleet Defender +2 Shoot First

  • 2 Sneak Attack

-2 Admiral Piett -3 Cell Block Guard -2 Bossk -2 Waylay

Knowing Palp has devoted fans I would really appreciate any tips and ideas about Palp not only Yellow one.



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