Darth Vader
Dark Lord of the Sith
Dagobah Swamp

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Published March 10, 2024


Condition win: Any of our high-cost units or low-cost units equipped with lightsabers.

Gameplay: Destroy all enemy unit cards through events while we set up our board with the Force units we carry


Against mirror or control: Perhaps one of the most difficult matchups to play, we have 2 methods at first, either we hold out many turns until leaving the opponent without units while we keep ours in hand, or we start dealing damage as soon as possible, thus scraping some damage with our units (however little they last on the table) as reserves, we carry Del Meeko and Regional Governor.

Against Boba Fett: A very similar case to the previous one, Boba Fett's deck is slightly less controlling, but it also has several tricks that flip your units or return them to your hand. To face Boba Fett in the first game, we will look for an initial hand with 2-3 cost units that we don't mind being returned to our hand or flipped while we diminish his units with our disgusting gameplay, the post-sideboard game translates into adding Del Meeko and Regional Governor as well and we execute the same gameplay.

Against Aggro: We will see our lives drop quickly in the first turns, do not be alarmed, it's normal, our game starts from turn 5-6, it's likely that you will drop to 5 lives or less, I repeat, it's not a problem, once we have control of the board on turn 6, it will be very difficult for the opponent to finish us. From the sideboard, we can add Bombing Run since aggro decks usually don't have a units with big defense. It's possible that we lose some of our units, but the opponent will likely lose more.

Against Midrange: Perhaps the easiest game of all. Our opponent will try to set up their board while throwing us some bait to waste our events. We must be patient and meticulously eliminate during the first turns, once we have enough resources, we can eliminate indiscriminately while we bring out our units. As sideboard cards, Wolffe .

Sideboard cards: As a general rule, we will possibly want to remove the same cards, these are: Search Your Feelings, some of Make an Opening, Imperial Interceptor or It Binds All Things. Although it all depends on what deck we play against and the type of event.

If you have any suggestions or questions, I would appreciate a comment, and if you like it, give it a like.



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