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Published February 06, 2024

Welcome to Hera!

This deck wants to tempo out early and keep the pressure on for quick victories. I love this beginner friendly deck that can feel like it pilots itself. Ceiling is not as high as some of the other builds but what it lacks in diversity of plays it more than makes up for with consistency.

Some great plays are Sabine or Battlefield Marine turn one into a Wing Leader turn 2. Try to save Fleet Lieutenant and Rebel Assault for surprise damage later in the game but FL is fine turn 2 if it's your only play. A well-timed Rebel Assault can deal 12+ damage fairly consistently even without major experience buffs already on the board to close down games.

The Spectres in this deck are all great value at their cost. Playing just one card each turn doesn't feel awful and timing your ECL play to really push the momentum in your favor is key.

The sideboard is mostly to try to stall out Sabine decks. This can win the board eventually but needs the healing to pull back below Sabine's damage from hand. You're almost always trying to win the turn Hera comes out or the turn after. The Ghost is typically not what you're hoping to play at 6 resources though. A rebel assault or fleet lieutenant to push the victory is strategy one. But utilizing Ghost's shields to take the board back is a great comeback option if you fall behind a bit.

There are just 2 copies of Resupply because it kills a lot of the tempo unless it's played to get to 6 resources and deploy Hera. Typically you'd need more units on board at that space but ramping to play some of the bulkier units can be overwhelming.

Lastly, I really think this deck is strong but not out of this world amazing. I like it to test new deck ideas into since it's a consistent deck with an easy to pilot strategy. If a new idea you have can't beat this list, probably a good idea to head back to the drawing board.

"We have hope. Hope that things will get better (with more Spectres in this game, please!). And they will." -Hera Syndulla



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