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Published January 11, 2024

Been really impressed by Grand Inquisitor lately. He has had some good support added recently.

This deck is flexible, you can really push a more aggro style vs control decks and can run more midrange vs Aggro decks.

The ideal T1 is crafty smuggler - ready him with GI to ping the shield and push early damage. Cantina Braggart is an ok back up and the Partisan Insurgent can work but is not ideal T1. Cartel Spacer is our last resort t1 play.

T2 we are looking for Boba Fett, 5th Brother, Pirated Starfighter or Seventh Fleet Defender. Seventh Fleet Defender is nice since it has the shield when we ready the defender it just removes the shield. We can really push tempo and pressure early because we will be attacking more than our opponent most of the time.

T3 We are looking to ideally play 2 things here. A combination of removal card and a 1 or 2 cost unit. Into Sabine or other red hero decks we are looking for a force choke on sabine or a NGTMD on K2SO, that removes a lot of their reach and burst potential. I also like force choke on this turn if I have 5th brother in play.

T4 We again are looking to play a combination of event and a unit. Seventh Sister is ok here too since she can be readied, attack and clear a ground unit. This is also the turn where we can set up for ending the game the next round. We can reach some with surprise strike and keep fighting. We can trade units with shoot first. We can go disruption with force choke. We have a lot of options this turn and it depends on your board state and the deck you are playing against. Into Boba Fett and Leia decks we are looking to play NGTMD on this turn and Deal with whatever threats they play this same turn.

T5 Most of the games i've played end on this turn vs aggro and other midrange decks. Ideally we have some units out and are able to drop a ruthless raider or firespray as well as get GI deployed and get an extra ready out of boba fett, 5th brother, or seventh sister to help close the game out. Slower decks are going to start turning the corner this turn so we need to be aware of that.

We keep up and into control decks or slower games we can close with Palpatine but honestly he could probably get moved to the sideboard and the Lightsaber or Greedo could come to mainboard. But I like having him maindeck because he is such a threat.

Sideboard - -Greedo is for more early pressure if we need it goes in vs control -Power Failure is for heavy upgrade decks -Fallen Lightsaber is for the midrange/control matchups and ideally played on GI himself or 5th brother after we have gotten a ready or two out of him. -Imperial Interceptor helps against space rush strategies -Change of Heart I side in vs Control/Midrange decks to steal their big threats on turns 5/6/7

Pirated Starfighter - We can take advantage of this when played drawback by bouncing Crafty Smuggler, Seventh Fleet Defenders, and Cartel Spacers to hand. The Defender and Smuggler we can play them, ping the shield to ready and attack, then we can bounce them and replay them and repeat. The spacer we can get extra exhausts out of it. Pirated Starfighter itself is a really solid unit and good target for GI ready ability.



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